How to Block Updates from Kindle Fire HD Tablet

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How to Block Updates from Kindle Fire HDX: Most often after we but a digital device, just like a phone or tablet, we’re always searching for an update. You want this latest update to repair bugs and add features. But there are specific cases when upgrading could be bad. Take into a free account when upgrading screws up an application that you will like or simply all together makes your device function badly. Another scenario would be when you have rooted your device in that case an update will remove any root. That’s the totally this case using the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and HDX where root is actually helpful to install Google Play Store. So well then you’ll wish to block all update from Amazon. This is a simple way to look at care it very quickly.

First you’ll require the Android Firewall app that you can receive from here. Download and transfer this app in your Kindle then work with a file explorer app to get the file and tap to setup. Next open the app and within the setting about the left and choose “Set custom script”.

How to Block Updates from Kindle Fire

Enter in the following info then tap okay. That’s it after you are shielded from update. Enjoy your Amazon Kindle Fire device.

Block Updates from Kindle Fire

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