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How to Sideload apps on Kindle Fire Hd Tablet (Updated)

how to sideload apps on kindle fire

How to Sideload apps on Kindle Fire: The built-in App store for the Amazon Kindle Fire provides a decent selection, it also won’t have everything. For instance, you cannot download Tweetdeck or Triplt, or alternate browsers like Opera Mini or Firefox. While Google Android Industry is not allowed to Kindle… Read more »

How to Print from Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablet & Android Tablet

print from kindle fire

How to Print from Kindle Fire HDX and Android Tablet: So you’re caring for your Kindle Fire tablet: Keying in Office, reviewing a spreadsheet within Google Docs, or reading a PDF in Adobe Acrobat, and suddenly you get that you must print out your document. That presents an issue, but… Read more »

How to Reset Kindle Fire Tablet and Backup the Account Data

How to Reset Kindle Fire

How to Reset Kindle Fire: Maybe you’re selling or giving out a Kindle Fire. Why not a kid or well-intentioned friend all messed up your Kindle Fire Settings, or maybe your Amazon account was recently compromised. Most likely you must know how to reset a Kindle Fire, it’s simpler to… Read more »