How To Connect Kindle Fire To Ps4 Controller

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how to Connect Kindle Fire to ps4 Controller, pair your Pete DualShock 4 controller to your Kindle. now what you want to do is hold down the share button and the ps4. but the PS button don’t know if you guys can see that for like five seconds, how long I do it wait for that blinking light and see that right there that will show you that is in pairing to Connect Kindle Fire to ps4

what you want to do on your Kindle is click parent your Bluetooth ,device it will scan for it and there it is wireless controller hit it and now it is connected, so like I can check you guys can see I can go down my controller is he on controlling it I’ll show you a quick game of Riptide gp2. how to Connect Kindle Fire to ps4

This game works really well for me it gives you an option of your joystick or your d-pad. so I’ll do a quick race to that just to show you guys as I move it for real playing this and yeah yeah I start it’s limited it’s only limited so you can only do certain stuff, so like I want to do a beginner’s luck a little bit past that but here’s milk with like no no say. it’ll say loading question to continue now it’s not an Amazon Kindle Fire you guys know that already but I’m still connected and I can play I just see my hands are away both my hands are away from it and I am playing right now I use the trigger and the joystick but that’s all is not you guys are gonna see a really bad example here, but it’s kind of lagging but it depends on how well as your Bluetooth device is connected or how well. how to Connect Kindle Fire to ps4

It is but it’s a really fun game to play it it’s kind of hard for me because I just got it so it’s going to be a little difficult. but so yeah it’s a fun game, so I need to joystick in the trigger r2 is how you go and like you can do bunch of tricks and it’ll tell you a tutorial and give it options so yeah you guys to play GTA 5 it’s basically like that only it was on water now I’m crowed. so yeah it’s a fun game to play you got the energy bar up here so I mean it’s a fun game you guys might have seen how you connect your PS controller ps4 controller to your iPhone .but in the future I will show you guys how to do it on multiple devices and how to just to show you stuff and how to do it and if you rec like that.

you can just press the recover but the game will tell you all that it’ll give you a little tutorial you can skip it I didn’t get it because of my first time getting this game. So yeah and last you press square to boost and yeah it’s a fun little game I think it’s the best out of all for the ps4 controller.

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