How To Download Android Emulator For Kindle Fire

Here and today I’m going to be showing you how to download android emulator for Kindle Fire this I’m going to this will only work on a Kindle Fire there are other ways to do it on Android and iOS. But since I have a Kindle I’m going to show you how to do it on that I’ll show you how to do a Gameboy advance emulator so you can see I already android emulator for KindleIt so I’ll just basically show you the steps you would do first you’re going to want to go in settings you’re going to scroll down until you see the security you’re going to tap on. You’ll see you should see an option that says apps from unknown sources you’re going to switch that on it’ll give you a warning, say okay you go back to the home you’re going to want to go on your internet android emulator for KindleThen you’re going to want to tap in it or type their Google aptoide. I think that’s I pronounce it but that is the story you will get the emulator front of your tap on where it says official site and click install aptoide and then once it’s done it should say it’s ready and you click open. You should see a thing that allows says install you want to hit that go to the home menu and wait till it loads should be downloading all right there it is you should see it on the bottom of your screen. You want to tap on it it’ll load you can just hit skip this is actually a pretty neat app because you can use it to find all kinds of I mean you find all kinds of different apps like and I’m, not usually available for Kindle anyway. download android emulator for KindleYou’re going to type in my boy 3 that’s the name of emulator that I use and it should be close to the top right here you want to tap on that and then I already. So it says open right there but it is should say install and then there will be a few options that you go through to install. Now when you go on it it will say something like it’ll be a list of things you’re going to hit the download 1 I don’t, I can’t do that now because I already have it on here. But there’ll be a list of things you’re going to hit the one that says download then there’ll be a list of things but you probably don’t have any rooms yet, so I’ll show you how to do android emulator for KindleNext, you’re going to go in silk browser or whatever browsers are using and you’re going to want to go on you’re going to Google loverooms that’s the website I get my problems from if I tap on it download android emulator for KindleAnd you’re going to search what gave me what. So let’s say I want pokemon it’s kind of slow sometimes pokemon ruby and hit Search it’s pretty slow sometimes there we go and take a second to load and there’s a lot of course always pop-up ads. Stuff but I should say topple on pokemon ruby version 1.1 that’s the one that you’re going to want to hit and it should load a screen like this you want to hit download. And it should say some like downloading file at the bottom and I should say download complete then we’re going to want to do you want to go on your emulator, I already have mine on downloads open so you’re going to find it you’re going to find he’d get Ruby you want to tap on. That you can hold sideways if you want and there you have it hopefully this helped some of you so that’ll be it for today and thanks.

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