How to Download Jelly Bean 4.2 for Kindle Fire

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Download Jelly Bean 4.2 for Kindle Fire: Here showing you how to download and install. It nobody here Kindle Fire 4.1.1 jelly beans if 4.1.2 this is the rom made by hashcode and it brings a couple of bug fixes and stuff like that as know all version the androids do and if you can’t see it since Android 4.1.1 jelly bean so go ahead and flows that end, yeah it just brings a couple of bug fixes um something’s in that necessarily. Bug some things are just no helpful like when you get an email and your notifications normally you have to use two fingers to expand it but in 4.1.2 you use one finger and go like this to expand it and when you launch applications I’m just go on Chrome let that load mmm I didn’t want to launch the Play Store and you can notice that.

They’re both all through the application that just recently launches this is including settings Google Chrome and Play Store they were all launched and the portrait orientation but once I hit a reason apps they’re all in landscape see in a minute stretched out and look ugly. Well this abdi wall will fix that then apparently some people were having trouble with heaviness orange power like cut home when they were charging it I’ve never had that issue but apparently this fixes. It if it didn’t turn away so far as as what I know when you charging it the little charging simple still doesn’t show up up top the only way to really know that you’re charging it is to go into your settings and click them and touch the battery right here. It’s battery I know just say it’s charging that’s the only real way I know so far on how to see if it’s charging, that besides the orange light cuz sometimes it is a cuddle for me as well so I’m gonna switch over to my laptop and I’ll show you where to get the apps from I.

Download Jelly Bean 4.2 for Kindle FireAndroid 4.2 Kindle Fire

Mean that that’s the zip files metal turning them over in my laptop and as you can see on XDA developers and this is hash codes 4.1.2 rom and apparently, it looks like they’re gonna have to flash the ROM 4.1.2 and the G. Apps now I’ve already downloaded them and put them in a folder while we’re losing I’d suggest you do the same. when you’re trying to download them want to clip on for the when you’re downloading the the ROM you’re gonna want to click on jbk fire has code as, 10-10 dot zip meaning October the 10th rather than the July 13th that’s 4.1.1 that’s the older version and then you’re just gonna want to save that into a folder and same thing for the jelly bean G apps want to switch back over to my iPad can and then going to put it in but there’s no fire in its work I want to go ahead and boot my kindle fire into TWRP using a handy app called quick boot and if you haven’t heard of this I suggest that you download it it is terrific but it’s only for abusers which you should know by now no app is gonna you know turn off your Android device without a little permission.

So it seems gonna click it reboots and it’s pretty much done and all I have to do is wait for it to cut on and hold the power button down let it cycle through my menu options I didn’t let it stop and recovery and then that’s going to boot. Into Twitter now when you see the screen cycling it actually does it you can, actually see that with the naked eye if you haven’t known that now if you don’t know that but it’s going to go ahead and turn this sideways you can see it I just plugged in cuz it’s not pretty much as 34-percent battery but that’s aside the issue what you want to do now is click on when I click touch mount and then mount USB storage we don’t hit mountain is beast or 50 hair plug into your laptop.

Some people get mine but then once I plug it in I’m gonna switch over to that so one second. All right once you have your files downloaded and you have your Kindle Fire. Hooked up through USB you’re gonna want to open up to my computer little windows, I’ve already had my open up and what you want to want to do is have the Kindle Fire. You know right here on one of these windows and then look for that folder, that you downloaded the wrong the G has to mine is inside of a folder called Kindle Fire root so I have jb k fire hashcode 10-10 somes going to copy this and I’m just want to extend this window. So that way I’m not copying it into anything else or any folders it pasted and let that do what it’s doing and then you’re gonna want to go to the apps – Debbie – to 0 1 – 1 0 1 1 this is the newest one I mean you may not have that. Issue but I do because I just never deleted the og apps and the old rom, so yeah I’ll come back to you when this is finish copying over these files.

Okay it’s all finished as you can see here I have my G EPS and my wrong but before you go and I’m plugging and hits the unmount button when they can be fired you’re gonna want to um at it from the computer first and then he thought about but button when your Kindle Fire. So then hit eject Kindle yeah continued device can now be safely removed from the computer, then get a melt so now I want to switch back over to my iPad cam. Alright once you successfully got back to your home screen I’m gonna one click, install and then the first thing actually doesn’t matter which we need to, do first is you can actually haven’t you do it at the same time just gonna click on jbk fire and when I click add more zips or touch whatever and then hit G apps – debut – to 0 1 2 1 0 0 into 0 1 1 and then swipe to confirm flash. Well this is flashing I’ll just tell you what you should do next actually once she wants about once the flashes finish.

It wouldn’t want to wipe your cash and your dalvik cache and the installation doesn’t work what you want to do is go into wipe and do a factory data reset through that and then wipe your cache and wipe your dalvik cache and so far it. looks like I might have to do that, because it’s not working I see no progress in the blue bar at the bottom, oh nevermind it’s working just fine and mounting system ready copying files google apps for android 4.1.2 that’s a good thing.
sure as I was taking a long time it’s almost done, somewhat I think it seems like 80% and it’s done and gonna select the wipe cache and dalvik cache and this shouldn’t take too long okay I’m gonna head back and home heed work just fine but like I said if it doesn’t just, do a factory did a reset. seems a little click reboot and system turn back this way and if you don’t know it was like the first time it’s it’s gonna be kind of slow on the boot animation and they say it seems like it cut off or something went wrong just gotta wait at least like 30 seconds or more during that time period. Oh actually never mind the nether we did all take it back. I want to see if my apps are still here then every day that factory data reset I just wipe the cache and dalvik cache, hopefully my stuff that’s still here I mean maybe that was improvement – that was a boot up animation cuz they’re kind of like scared the hell out of me when I first flashes rom one here I thought I had broke the kit my valid Kindle Fire and then you know all they had to do was wait 45 more seconds. Oh now as Android is upgrading now has the optimized 106 apps this may take a while.

So I’m just going to go ahead and come back to you when this is finished, alright we’re almost done here, okay actually that we are done starting apps, finishing boot just literally what it says okay and we’re done and we should have 4.1.2 and all my apps are so here, that’s a good thing so let’s see if we’re in 4.1.2 it’s good about traveling yes, we have successfully updated to 4.1.2 without a factory data reset so I know it says it under hash codes page. But i didn’t do it and it worked just fine. So you should be okay yeah don’t come blaming me. Oh yes no guess what the little charging simple, finally appears at the top all right there if you can see it I mean, I can see it yeah this is kind of hard to focus in on maybe the screen is too bright but it is there it is there most definitely that’s that’s another plus. I was go ahead and watch a couple applications settings again let’s see chrome even remember who I left all phone call me and Gmail Play Store. Okay these are all and portrait mode see if any state unfortunate mode I got stupid stuff, okay it’s good and the boss stretched out walking okay in this homes range in orientate yep just like I said they’ll go upside down you haven’t goes all my prediction 2004 360 degrees orientations and the home screen and 4.1.2 update and actually brings a couple of speed improvements I was told mm-hmm still feels like jelly bean. Obviously because it is you know that nice quickness all right this has been the technological King showing you how to download install and update your kindle fire from 4.1.1 jelly bean to 4.1.2 jelly bean.

Of course hash goes wrong and all things go to head coat and his developing program I think it’s really nice and he’s come along quite good in the developing world comment like subscribe. The article above is one way to download Jelly Bean 4.2 for Kindle Fire.

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