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Google Chrome is a web browser native app for android OS. Unfortunately, Amazon does not provide it in amazon app store for kindle users because they already have their own web browser application that is called silk browser. As well as forcing Microsoft users to use IE, Amazon also force their users to use silk browser which is not too bad at all. But for some Kindle users that want to install Google Chrome on their Kindle device, they still can do it.

How to install google chrome for Kindle Fire HD

How to install google chrome on kindle, kindle fire HDX

Below are the step by step to install google chrome apk file for Kindle

1. Go to Settings –> Device, and find “Allow Installation of Applications From unknown sources” or Settings –> More –> Device –> Allow Installation of Applications; and turn it on. It will allow you to install app not from Amazon app store. In this case, we will install app from apk file. APK is executable file for android.

allow installation from unknown source kindle fire

Download Google Chrome APK File for Kindle Fire

You can download google chrome apk file from 1mobile and save it to your kindle.

To access the file, you can use ES File Explorer, this app is avaliable on Amazon App Store, get it here. Once you install ES File Explorer, open it and find your google chrome apk file. To install Google Chrome on your kindle fire, simply tap on the file.

Google Chrome APK File for Kindle Fire

Install Google Chrome on the Kindle Fire runs on the original Kindle Fire devices, as well as HD and HDX models. But if you have an older device, you can download an earlier version of Chrome because new versions may not be as stable.

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  1. Sandy

    Apparently they have eliminated this option from Fire gen 5. A bummer BC I bought this to travel with but all my bookmarks are on Chrome. Cannot find a way to have voice recognition on the main keyboard, either. My droid has me so spoiled!


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