How to Change Wallpaper on Kindle Fire HD Tablet

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How to change wallpaper on kindle fire tablet It’s really no doubt that Amazon Kindle Fire is a great tablet. But it is far away from perfect. Actually we could find several defects onto it easily. One of many defects which many people couldn’t accept is you can’t switch the wallpaper. First, you can not find any wallpaper setting choices on Amazon Kindle Fire; second, even though you set an image as wallpaper via some alternative party apps, the machine will change it returning to original wall paper as you lock the screen.

Same with there a legitimate approach to custom our very own wallpaper successfully? The answer then is yes. So long as you root your Amazon Kindle Fire, this is often a easy job. Now just keep to the tutorial below and you’ll learn to set a wonderful wallpaper.
PS: This tutorial is just for rooted Amazon Kindle Fire. There are rooted your device, please reference those two articles: How you can root Amazon Kindle Fire and Root Amazon Kindle Fire with a single click.

Step 1: Install QuickPic

QuickPic is an excellent picture viewer. It enables that you set any picture as wallpaper. Just click here to download to change wallpaper on kindle fire

Step 2: Set wallpaper

Open QuickPic and select an image that you simply wish to set as wallpaper. Tap the image then tap the very best right corner with the window. Choose “Set as” option from the drop-down to change wallpaper on kindle firehow to change wallpaper on kindle fireDrag this area to regulate the wallpaper size. Click “save” and will also be saved as well as set as to change wallpaper on kindle fireUntil this task, may very well not find anything different because these are common operation. In the event you just lock the screen while you did before and wish to start to see the wallpaper (After all “if”, do not lock the screen now), you will find the newest custom wallpaper does not work. The boring original wallpaper makes the eyes again!

It’s because the very fact the program sets an original wallpaper as new wallpaper forcedly any time you lock the screen. And then we must revoke the system’s “write” permission so it can’t modify data again.

Remember to not lock the screen before step three!

Step Three: Revoke permission

Open ES File Explore and navigate for this path: /data/data/ You will find a file called “wallpaper”. Press onto it and judge “More” – “Properties”.how to change wallpaper on kindle firehow to change wallpaper on kindle fireChoose “Permission” and tap “change”. Revoke the “write” permission of “Owner” and “Group” (They have got write permission automatically). Tap “OK” to verify to change wallpaper on kindle fire The system won’t get a new wallpaper anymore. Lock the screen and press the energy button, you will find the custom wallpaper works!how to change wallpaper on kindle fire The next time you alter the wallpaper, please restore the “write” permission of “Owner” and “Group” first, then revoke it when you set wallpaper.

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