How to Download Windows 10 os on Amazon Kindle Fire

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How to Download Windows 10 os on Amazon Kindle Fire: The app for Amazon Alexa has limitations exclusively to PC on Windows sold through HP, Lenovo, and Acer, and you install it to your PC.

As always, there are many caveats, but also for people who require a peek at what Alexa can perform you in your case on the run, this is just what you should get started.

How to Download Windows 10 os on Amazon Kindle Fire

How to Download Windows 10 os on Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Alexa is actually just one executable file called ‘Alexa_App_for_PC_Installer_1_2_9’ at 134MB in size.

  1. Download Amazon Alexa for PC Windows
  2. Install the app and follow prompts
  3. Launch app from Start menu
  4. Log in making use of your Amazon account
  5. Those away from U.S. needs to change system language
  6. Optionally enable ‘Launch app on sign into this computer’ under Alexa settings for auto-start feature.

Installing of the app will automatically grab Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 if the PC will not already have it loaded.

Presumably, latest version of Alexa can become available. This version I am providing is version (Shopping assistant v1.0.200243.0).

When you need to display the Alexa app all of the time from the Windows 10 taskbar check out Windows Setting > Personalization > Taskbar > Choose which icons appear on the taskbar and give Alexa (it is actually off by default).

alexa tip taskbar

It will be unclear if your app will auto-update itself or even a new installer must be provided later.

Note: This installation file was acquired by Windows Central and its unofficially distributed. Remember, take care that you get stray .exe files from on the web and use a virus scanner.

The things that work and just what doesn’t

Unless your Windows 10 is officially supported (unlikely) and also custom firmware for Alexa (also questionable) the feature for Wake word which helps you to call Alexa via voice will never work. This means to use Alexa on PC you should press the blue Alexa button from the app manually.

Besides the ‘wake word’ limitation whatever else, behaves just like Amazon had planned it for PC users. This is a short list of products you could try with Alexa:

alexa pc functions skills

Should you already use Microsoft Cortana around 90% with this shall be redundant other than shopping on Amazon, using Amazon skills (third-party apps) and playing Amazon Music.

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