how to Use Highlight Text on Kindle Fire HDX Tablet

How to highlight text on Kindle Fire hd and HDX The normal Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite and Amazon Kindle Fire monitor any marks or annotations you make in your device so that you can access your selected pleased with the clicking of the mouse button and the tap of the finger. The way you highlight passages on your own Kindle is dependent upon which style of these devices you use.How to highlight text on Kindle Fire

Standard Kindle

While using 5-way controller to navigate, placed the cursor at the outset of the right passage after which press the 5-way controller. Placed the cursor by the end of the right passage — pressing your next Page button, if needed, to choose text across multiple pages — after which press the 5-way controller again to spotlight the information.

Kindle Fire

Touch and contain the the very first word from the text you need to highlight to produce a set of handles on each side with the word. Drag the handles on the left or straight to find the appropriate passage and after that press “Highlight.”

Kindle Paperwhite

To spotlight one single word, press and contain the word, touch “More” then touch “Highlight.” To spotlight an expression, touch the start of the passage after which drag your finger for the end with the desired text. Move your finger for the bottom right fringe of the screen if you wish to select text across multiple pages, then press “Highlight.”

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