How to Fix Repair a Cracked Kindle Fire Screen

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How to repair a cracked Kindle Fire screen however a damaged Kindle screen will render the system useless. The great news is that you could start your Kindle and switch the screen. I ordered the replacement touchscreen from for approximately $24.99. Make sure to power off the Kindle before How to Repair a Cracked Kindle Fire Screen

Here Are The Steps

  1. step 1 pry open the Kindle case, take your flat-head screwdriver and gently. pry open the case you will work your way around the edges until the case comes. apart this may take a few minutes but just take your time and avoid damaging the plastic case
  2. step 2 disconnect the battery using the nylon pry tool gently. but, firmly disconnect the battery connector use care to not damage any other surrounding parts on the circuit board
  3. step 3 remove the digitizer cable. there are only two screws to remove on the digitizer cable once you’re moved put them in a safe place using your plastic, pry tool you will unsnap the cable flap and the cable can then be gently moved back
  4. step 4 under the glass. you will now use your plastic pry tool to lift up on one edge of the glass starting from the edge you will slowly work your way around lifting up the glass being careful not to go too far in with the pry tool as that could cause damage to the LCD screen underneath this process may take several minutes, you may also need to reheat the glass several times while doing this due to the cooling of the adhesive this screen was cracked up pretty good so be careful when handling the sharp glass.
  5. step 5 remove any loose adhesive in any small pieces of glass he sharp glass
  6. step 6 remove any dust or marks from the LCD screen
  7. snap 7 remove the protective film from the glass
  8. step 8 remove the protective film from the adhesive strips
  9. step 9 installing the new glass screen push the digitizer through the slot and then gently push the edges of the glass down so the adhesive sticks to the plastic
  10. step 10 plug in the digitizer cable stop eleven screw in the digitizer cable
  11. step 12 reconnect a battery connector you
  12. step 13 snap the case back together again

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