How to Repair Kindle Fire Charging Port Problem

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How to Repair Kindle Fire Charging Port Problem which means you too were going through the internet to discover a solution or easy guide on “How to correct Amazon Kindle Fire charging port ?

Dislodged or need replacing of USB port is a very common problem people face with any digital camera, in order using the Amazon Kindle Fire. Kindle Fire Charging Port

There may be possible causes of malfunctioning or displacement from the charging port :

  1. Inserting wrong size power cable.
  2. Mishandling while attaching or treatment of cable.
  3. Using your device coming from a distance though it may be charging.
  4. Wear by helping cover their time.
  5. Intentional damage.
  6. Kids mishandling or throwing these devices
  7. Repair Kindle Fire – Kindle Help

Not firmly you may be encountering some of the above-given reasons, there may be a lot more wired reason you can not really think off.

Well, who are able to beat a poor day? Anyway, even though this issue not too critical. You can now easily repair Amazon Kindle Fire charging port in your own home. As long as he/she is bit technical, possess required instruments and is able to properly keep to the step guide.

In case you are confidence enough to work alongside solder thing specifically and have any consider your experience from it, it can save you a lot of time and your money by fixing your Amazon Kindle Fire charging port in the home. It hardly will require 45-60 minutes to obtain the entire job finished completely. Following let’s a look at the way to get it done .

Instruments/Equipments required :

  1. A screwdriver
  2. Fire tip soldering iron
  3. Solder
  4. A Magnification Glass
  5. A solder vacuum
  6. A new USB port
  7. Sharp edge knife or blade

Now let’s start out with the repair of Amazon Kindle Fire charging port job :

(1) Open the Kindle Casing : keep Amazon Kindle Fire straight with you, you will see a really little gap between your casings it really is in on every side of these devices.

  1. Start with opening the from Kindle Fire.
  2. The case gap is now the system is connected to the back cover with the device.
  3. Use the plastic pry tool regarding the speakers at the very top to split up the casing.
  4. You will use any sharp edge knife or cutter blade to part ways these but use cautiously.
  5. Gently begin to separate two case helves apart with the aid of your best tool.
  6. Run on the over the entire side of these devices slowly.

The casing joints are extremely brittle so you’re to be really gentle plus no case ; no excessive has to be applied.

(2) Removing wires from your motherboard : You now have to disconnect all of the wires from your motherboard

  1. Peel off the covering tape around the speaker cable
  2. Disconnect the speaker cable.
  3. Right now locate your display screen files cable and unplug it :
  4. Look for antennae the energy button connector, sensor connector and take out the ribbon gently.
  5. Also disconnect the screws seated for touchscreen placement with the aid of the screwdriver.
  6. Now gently take away the touchscreen connector while taking out the ribbon.

Be certain you’re handling all wire and plugs gently, as is also fragile. You best use magnification glass while dealing with tiny ports, screw, and cables.

You can utilize the pry tool or another flat head tool to get out these connectors. Moreover be greatly careful while removing ribbons.

(3) Take away the Motherboard :

  1. Unscrew the 6 screws holding the motherboard.
  2. keep all of the cables aside while getting your hand s on motherboards from your frame.
  3. The motherboard is glued with tape at the end : might use pry tool to destroy the seal while pulling up.

(4) Solder the newest USB port :

  1. check when the old USB pot is very from the place then just get it and discard. When it is still partially attached, have it off by utilizing hot solder rod.
  2. Clean the web link points hot soldering rod when solder melts make use of the solder vacuum to suck the unnecessary solder.
  3. Place the newest USB port about the connection points.
  4. solder it carefully for the points.
  5. Now push on the 5 pins in order that these will touch the board and solder these to the board carefully since pins are actually minute.

(5) Place back the motherboard.

(6) Reconnect all wires and connectors.

(7) Put the ribbons back carefully.

(8) Join back the 2 main casing parts against each other.Kindle Fire Charging Port

That’s all ; that you are through with the task and able to takes place Amazon Kindle Fire again. Any non-technical or novice is suggested to approach some specialist help.

Search for just any local engineer (obtaining the good reputation with Kindle device repair) to really get your repair of Amazon Kindle Fire charging port or may also call the internet services available.

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