How to Sideload apps on Kindle Fire Hd Tablet (Updated)

How to Sideload apps on Kindle Fire: The built-in App store for the Amazon Kindle Fire provides a decent selection, it also won’t have everything. For instance, you cannot download Tweetdeck or Triplt, or alternate browsers like Opera Mini or Firefox. While Google Android Industry is not allowed to Kindle Fire owners, you may install apps that are not located on Amazon store by transferring them via USB (also called sideloading).

how to sideload apps on kindle fire

how to Sideload apps on Kindle Fire HDX

  • Download and Install ES File Explorer
  • Navigate to Settings> Device
  • Turn On your Enable Installing from Apps on Unknown Sources options.
  • Connect the Kindle Fire in your PC via USB. An AutoPlay alert can look on your computer
  • Select Open folder in order to view files. A directory of the Kindle Fire memory can look
  • Copy the APK files to the apps you want to install on your Fire’s internal memory
  • Launch ES File Explorer for the Fire. A listing of folder and files may appear
  • Tap the install button to verify your option

Any apps you sideload will right now appear within the menu within the home screen. You could remove sideloaded apps exactly the same you remove any third-party app, from the settings > applications menu.

Finding APK Files to Install

On order that will sideload any app, you may require a copy of the APK file and save it for a PC for transfer on the Kindle Fire. You may download APKs directly via sideoload .com, local store which has a really strong selection and makes its wares available via any web browser.

When you have another Android device which has accessibility to Android market, you may use Astro File Manager, another free app, that will create APK backups of the app you may have installed. You may copy them from the device in your PC for transfer for the Fire.

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