How to Transfer Files to My Kindle Fire With USB

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How to Transfer Files to Kindle Fire With USB in the Amazon’s Kindle e-readers and Amazon Kindle Fire tablets let you take the reading along with other entertainment to you on the move. Your Kindle is just as enjoyable because the content onto it, which makes it imperative to transfer purchases for your Kindle. While it’s far easier to transfer files over the internet, if not available, you may also transfer content while using USB cable that was included with your Kindle.Transfer Files to Kindle With USB

Download the Files

  1. step 1. Visit Amazon’s website on your laptop computer and also sign up for you professionally. Select the “Your Account” drop-down menus and choose the “Manage Your Site Content and Devices” option.
  2. Step 2. Convey a check mark near the item you need to transfer via USB. Go through the “Actions” button and judge “Download and Transfer via USB.”
  3. ┬áStep : Choose the Kindle device you need to transfer this article to, if asked, then click “Download.” Produce a mental note of in which the file will save on your personal computer.Transfer Files Your computer to Kindle Fire With USB

Kindle E-Readers

  1. Step : Plug your Kindle’s USB cable into an unused USB port on your computer system. Plug smaller end in your Kindle e-reader.
  2. Step : Enter Desktop mode and click on “File Explorer.” Locate your Kindle under “Devices and Drives” and double-click these devices. Double-click the “Documents” folder.
  3. Step : Right-click “File Explorer” and judge “File Explorer” in the context menu to start a fresh window. Visit the file you downloaded from Amazon, or even the file you need to transfer in your Kindle. Drag the file to the Kindle’s File Explorer window and let it go.
  4. Step : Right-click the “Safely Remove Devices and Hardware” icon within the notification area. Select the “Eject” option before unplugging your Kindle.

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets

  1. Step : Connect your Amazon Kindle Fire tablet in your computer with all the device’s included USB cable. If prompted, unlock these devices from your tablet’s lock screen.
  2. Step : Open Desktop mode before clicking “File Explorer” deciding on “Kindle” from “Devices and Drives.” Double-click the “Internal Storage” folder.
  3. Step : Visit the file you intend to transfer in another File Explorer window. Drop the file within the appropriate folder. For instance, place photos from the Pictures folder, or songs within the Music folder.
  4. Step : Right-click “Safely Remove Devices and Hardware” from the notification area and click on “Eject.” Unplug your Kindle and computer in the USB cable.

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