How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Kindle Fire HD

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how to Turn Off safe Mode on Kindle Fire tablet HD you can see on the bottom left-hand side of the screen the tablet is in safe mode in order to get it out of safe mode. you’re going to press and hold the power button until this message pops up then you’re going to press “ok” Athens tablet has turned off. you want to wait a few seconds and then press and hold the power button again to turn. the tablet back on and that’s it as you can see safe mode no longer appears on the bottom left-hand side of the screen Safe Mode on Kindle Fire

it off screen type in and into it and so you guys don’t see that but yeah you guys see oh man. so I don’t care but yeah anyways loss is started this is how to try and take mode on the end off. because I did get complete so the other one, because first of all it just wasn’t that good and second. I didn’t show how to turn it on I just showed Todd turn it off. so we had to turn on is you want to power it down and then when it’s like going back on so turn it back on the power button turn it on like normally would but this I’m push down the up bud and put the volume in the down button at the same time and don’t let go try not to let go these are even letting go like five times okay ,because my Kindle Fire takes a while to actually open covers okay that’s about to open. because it like the light won’t back up there we go now as you guys can see down. there it says safe mode boy you guys can’t see that Oh what just happened hold on there we go we can just open it and right. okay. so safe mode right there see so now that that’s how to turn a taste mode on so now let’s go to turn it off .so you see this power button up here you just want to turn it off again. you will turn your device off and by the way safe mode is so you can’t really open in your apps and you just want to turn it on. you don’t have to push anything this time, so anyways um safe mode makes you not open any of your apps and on phones or other devices.

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