How to Unroot the Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablet

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How to Unroot Kindle Fire HD: Rooting the Kindle Fire HD is a thing that most users might like to do. This gives you will accessibility to Google Play Store and thousands from more apps. But many times you have to Unroot Kindle Fire HD. That may be if you want to sell your tablet or make it for other people. You may even have to get service for the device and even send it back in its original condition. So today we’re going to cover a method of removing root to the Kindle Fire HD.

The simplest way to remove root will be to actually use your same program which was used that will root the Kindle Fire HD. When you run the Bin4ry program as there are a solution for unrooting. Simply choose option ‘x’ and also seconds you may lose root access.

How to Unroot Kindle Fire HD Tablet

Only one aspect to note is the unroot program will never remove the Superuser app although root access is lost. If you need to remove your Superuser app and also root access we the recommend updating for the SuperSU app first. You may install the app from your Play Store or sideload it (SuperSu.apk). Then open the app and follow process of normal installation and removing old app. After updating you may run the unroot program and this will remove SuperSu and unroot in the process. That’s it and pretty easy. Inform us when you have any questions or comments.

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