How to Latest Kindle Fire Software Update Problems

Keep the Amazon how to update Kindle Fire problems by using Amazon’s operating-system upgrades when they are released. Periodic updating means that your Amazon Kindle Fire carries the newest security patches and have to update Kindle Fire problems

Look At Your Kindle File OS Version

One thing to do is look into the software version you have already placed on your Amazon Kindle Fire. You may have already the newest update installed. To check on:

  1. Swipe below the top screen and tap Settings.
  2. Go to Device Options > System Update.
  3. Look to get a message such as your system is running Fire OS [version]. Should you have already the newest version installed, you should not do anything whatsoever in any to update Kindle Fire problems

The Fast Wi-Fi Update

The fast Wi-Fi update will be the way of option for most users because it’s simple and fast. Before starting, connect your Amazon Kindle Fire to the Wi-Fi connection and only plug it in to a power outlet or start the procedure if the system is fully charged. Then:

  1. Tap the fast Settings icon in the upper right area of the screen.
  2. Tap Sync.

At this time, any applicable software update automatically downloads in private. The update is used right after the download is completed with your Amazon Kindle Fire is asleep.

The Manual Update: Download and duplicate the application for your Kindle

If you like to upgrade your Amazon Kindle Fire utilizing your computer, you may. The process is not as quick because the Wi-Fi method.

  1. Visit Amazon’s Kindle Software Updates page.
  2. Choose the device you want to update.
  3. On the download page, check the page which says Download Software Update.
  4. Connect your Amazon Kindle Fire in your computer. A tool icon for the tablet should appear.
  5. Click that device icon after which open the kindle updates folder.
  6. Find the application you only downloaded and drag the file to the kindle updates folder or copy it in the folder.
  7. After the application update have been copied, tap the Disconnect button on your Amazon Kindle Fire screen to securely disconnect it.
  8. Unplug the USB cable from the computer and continue the update about the Kindle while using following steps.

Update the Kindle Software

  1. Ensure that the Amazon Kindle Fire battery has been fully charged, after which tap the fast Settings icon then More > Device.
  2. Tap the right which says Upgrade Your Kindle to get started the update process. If this options are grayed out, you currently have the newest update installed, or initial file transfer from the computer was unsuccessful.
  3. Your Kindle tablet reboots twice to complete the update.

Help Updating Your Kindle

Amazon offers specific update instructions for every Kindle around the Kindle Software Update page. If the article doesn’t manage to connect with your Kindle version, make use of the update page to locate your particular Kindle then stick to the directions given there.

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