How to Use a Kindle Books Text To Speech

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How to use a Kindle text to speech If you are using a Kindle reader to see ebooks along with other documents, you may sometimes want to hold the device read text aloud for you. The Kindle can be a battery-powered portable device produced by Amazon that will connect wirelessly to the web to download books and also other printed documents. The Kindle includes a text-to-speech feature that allows that you possess the device read material for you through headphones and the built-in speakers.How to use a Kindle text to speech

  1. Step : Press the energy button on the base with the Kindle to show it on.
  2. Step : Press your home button to view a listing of your documents.
  3. Step : Press the five-way controller to navigate to some book, newspaper or any other document that you would like to learn, then press the center of the controller to open up the document. When you have a Kindle Touch, tap presents itself the screen post reception menus.
  4. Step : Press the written text key, that is marked using the letters “Aa” and is also located near the space bar about the front from the Kindle, then press the five-way controller to underline the “Turn On” choice for “Text-to-Speech.” Alternatively, when you have a Kindle Touch, tap “Turn On Text-to-Speech” and also the Kindle starts reading. Press the controller to focus on a mans or female voice option, then press the options to choose it. For the Kindle Touch, tap radio stations button near the man or woman options.
  5. Step : Press the controller to pick “Turn On.” The Kindle starts reading the written text aloud in the built-in speakers or from headphones which you plug in to the headphone jack in the bottom with the device near the “Plus-Minus” volume control buttons.
  6. Step : Click on the “Space” bar to pause the reading and also press it once again to resume reading. About the Kindle Touch, tap the play/pause button to begin on preventing reading.
  7. Step : Press the “Shift” key (marked with the arrow) and also the “Sym” key simultaneously to avoid the Text-to-Speech reading. About the Kindle Touch, tap the top screen post the Text-to-Speech options and tap the play/pause button and the “Off” button to avoid the reading.

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