How to Install Custom Recovery TWRP on Kindle Fire HD and Create Backups

How to Install Custom Recovery TWRP on Kindle Fire HD and Create Backups: This post will teach you how to install and workout TWRP Recovery for Kindle Fire to flash custom ROM with it to change it inside a completely new tablet with various builds of Android-CM7, aka Cyanogenmod 7, for Android 2.3.4 or CM9 for Android 4.0, MIUI, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and other ROMs.

Amongst other things, you can even use TWRP Recovery to backup ROM and backup your Kindle Fire then it will be restored with exactly how it has been before installing ROM. It may sound complicated to start with but when get it done many times it will become very easy.

How to Install Custom Recovery TWRP on Kindle Fire HD

Install TWRP Recovery on Kindle Fire 5/6/7/8/10

1. Step one to modding your Kindle Fire will be root it, that should provide you use of files not normally available to the person. Rooting is rather easy thanks to a powerful tool developed by Android developers known as Kindle Fire Utility. Just keep to the Kindle Fire rooting guide and you’ll there will be this next step in just a few minutes.

Update: I rooted my Kindle Fire before doing any one this but I’ve heard that when you like to install ROMs, you may use the Kindle Fire Utility to install FireFireFire (FFF) and TWRP Recovery without rooting.

2. With install FFF and TWRP, all you want do is plug your Kindle Fire to your computer and next fire up the Kindle Fire Utility tool by double-clicking the run.bat file. The actual drivers will be working properly by confirming ADB status is online. Or else, you should re-install the drivers again (described from the rooting guide above).

3. With KFU, installing FFF and later TWRP Recovery is an easy a few selecting a number and next hitting enter. This is the easy but very important step. Make sure that you follow the directions on-screen with care and everything may go smoothly. The Kindle Fire Utility will automatically download your latest version of FFF and TWRP Recovery and activate Fastboot (4002). Some different screens will flash with your Kindle Fire and also at one point you’ll be asked with press a button to reboot.

The Kindle Fire Utility can tell you after the process is finished. You may close KFU and unplug the Kindle Fire from the computer to go to the next step.

And so TWRP Recovery will be Installed, Now What?

With TWRP Recovery and FFF installed, the Kindle Fire can have a blue logo for a few seconds upon boot up. Do nothing at all with your Kindle Fire will boot up normally.

How to wide open TWRP Recovery:

  • Shut down your Kindle Fire.
  • Press your power button to run this on.
  • When that blue logo appears, press your power button and next release it when boot options appear in the bottom from this screen.
  • Tap the power button for change boot selections. Select Recovery that will launch TWRP.

Then this Team Win logo will show up and you’ll be greeted using a screen that appears somewhat just like the one on top of this article.

Update: Because this tutorial was written, TWRP Recovery has become updated which is quite different now. For just one, it use to display a yellow triangle at boot up and also you needed to secure the power button to produce TWRP. Now it seems that you must install FFF to produce TWRP. Also, the TWRP menu system is different slightly from your video and directions below, but it’s all still simply the same.

Make a Backup

First thing you will wish to do is build a backup of this Kindle Fire in the current state to be able to restore it using TWRP anytime later on. You will see your listing of backups and apply them in the Restore menu in TWRP.

You may can start that will create backups anytime, even of ROMs in order to save their current state before switching to an alternative ROM.

The Kindle Fire features a tiny amount of internal memory, however, so make sure keep watch over it. Backups aren’t small. At some time you’re going to have to delete some or move them off of the Kindle. They get saved to from the TWRP folder with the internal SD card.

Install ROM from Kindle Fire

Among the cool things TWRP can perform is install ROMs, which essentially turns your Amazon Kindle Fire into a completely news tablet and will away with Amazon’s operating system entirely.


  1. First, you’re going to have to download a ROM or three. Hit the XDA Kindle Fire Development thread to get them. I’ve published article and reviews for CM7 and even CM9 to get Android 4.0. Check out keep updated on future reviews.
  2. Place the ROM Zip file within the root of the Kindle Fire internal SD card (/sdcard). One options are to apply the Kindle Fire itself to download the ROM and next work with a file manager to go these to /sdcard, or simply use TWRP to proceed to the downloads folder.

Steps to Installing ROM

  1. Open TWRP Recovery with Your Kindle Fire.
  2. Create a backup (optional).
  3. From the Wipe Menu choose Factory Reset to wipe your data to have a clean slate to install the latest build of Android on.
  4. From the Install Menu, go with a ROM zip file from your list which you included in your internal SD card and press the Flash button. TWRP will check out install it and code can look on screen, and also a progress indicator.
  5. When the install in complete (don’t care about the cannot load volume warnings), three buttons will be in the bottom from the screen. Select to Wipe Cache/Dalvik.
  6. If your ROM package has a Google apps file to download coupled with it, get back to the Install menu again and flash this Google ZIP file the same when the Rom. You won’t have to wipe Cache again though.
  7. Once finished, select Reboot – System. Your Kindle Fire HD will boot with the latest ROM.

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