How to Install Google Play Services For Kindle Fire Phone

Welcome back in this tutorial I want to show you how to get the Install Google Play services Fire Phone HD tablet it’s actually a pretty simple and straightforward process. I just went through the steps and as you can see I now have the Play Store on my home screen. I’m gonna go ahead and click on it just to show you that it’s the exact Android Google Play Store that you’re used to on your Android device and it gets you to access to a lot of other applications that you wouldn’t otherwise have on your Amazon tablet so to walk. You through this process first just to open up your silk browser on your tablet and then in Bing search type in something like Google Play on Amazon Fire HD tablet and scroll down and I did the how-to from how-to So go ahead and launch that link and it’s going to take us over to this page and then we’re gonna scroll down it to the instructions here.

So step one is we’re going to need to go to settings and then security and then enable apps from unknown sources so grab the top of your screen and scroll down and then click the little gear in the upper right-hand corner. Then go down to where it says security and privacy and click on that and then right under advanced it says apps from unknown sources. You’re gonna want to make sure that that’s toggled to the on position this is because we’re gonna be downloading stuff from the internet so we have to make sure that it allows. Once we have those all ready to go in the bottom right-hand corner you see the little square just go ahead and click on that and find your silk browser and launch it again alright. So now we’re back on our silk browser and we need to download these four files all of them apk and I just went through this process again it was very straightforward and easy. So one by one go through and install these you can see the images here in this guide where it says to download the apk.

How to Examples Google play services on Kindle Fire

The examples here so the first link you have to install them in this particular order as well from 1st to 4th and scroll down to where it says download apk and click on. Then it’s gonna ask you are you sure you want to do this it might be a malicious file it isn’t. So you can go ahead and click continue and then it’s going to download that file so once you’re done downloading it you can exit out of the tab that you just opened.Install Google Play services Fire PhoneThen go to the second link and do the same thing you can either download this apk file or you can scroll down and find a more recent version. I just did the one that was recommended and even having a different combination of files it still worked for me in the end but again just go ahead and click that download option and then exit out of that tab when you’re done with the download.

Then either click the first link if you don’t have an HD tablet but if you do have an HD tablet like. I do then click this version and it’s gonna again take you over to the next page where you can go ahead and download the app or you can scroll down to find a more recent version again based on my experience. It didn’t matter whether I downloaded the outdated one or the more up-to-date version oops exit it out of there so we’ll get back real quick alright.

So now we were on the fourth option and that’s the Google Play Store apk so again click on. And then go down to where it says download apk and go through the download process there and then once you’re done downloading those four files you’re almost there we’re on the homestretch.Install Google Play services Fire PhoneWe’re going to next find the option that says documents it should be on your home page so on the bottom of the screen where you see that little circle go ahead and tap that and then on your home page here find where it says Docs for me that’s in the bottom left-hand corner area. So I’m going to click that and then the four files that you just downloaded you have to install them in the order from first to fourth. You can see at what time you downloaded each file so that should help you know which one came first. You’re just going to go ahead and click on file individually and I’ve already installed them but you’re gonna scroll down to the bottom and click install and then finish the installation process for each of those four files and after you install those four files go back to the home page.

If you scroll down in this region down here that’s where your Google Play application icons should show up. I dragged mine to the top of the screen here so you can see that I’ve launched it and it took a little bit while for it to get going and figuring everything out. But once it was finally ready to go, it had me login to my google account and then after that it was really simple I was able to access the Google Play Store and all the apps.

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