Kindle Fire Ebooks for iPhone or iPod tauch

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Kindle Ebooks for iPhone: “I’m a proud owner or even the 2nd generation Kindle but they can I don’t need to carry the Kindle around to really read my ebooks and my iPod tauch could be perfect. What is the method to transfer or put Kindle ebooks for the iPhone or touch?”

Kindle for iPhone app (iTunes link below) for your iPhone or iPod touch will help you to read your Kindle Ebooks.

Kindle for iPhone

Kindle for iPhone info:

  • It’s a free app within iTunes store
  • Amazon Whispersync remembers the very last page which was read and will sync that information involving the Kindle and iPhone or iPod touch
  • Adjustable text size
  • Add bookmarks
  • Browse and then search over 240,000 books including New York’s bestsellers
  • Most Amazon Ebooks are $9.99
  • Currently you cannot buy Ebooks right from the iPhone or iPod touch, the books have to be purchased on your pc than transferred over, although we have heard you may use Safari mobile browser to browse and buy the books
  • Some services for that Kindle will not be now available for your iPhone or iPod touch which include Kindle newspapers, magazines and blogs
  • This app currently is just available in some selected countries when you live away from U.S you will be out of luck

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