New Kindle Fire Hd 10 Review 2019

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New Kindle Fire HD 10 Review 2019 Review welcome on into my review of the Amazon Fie HD 10 tablet if you interested in purchasing this device I`II have a purchase link down starting off want to touch on the specifications of this device and also we take a look at the tablet and I want to end things with things that id like to see from future generations of Amazon tablets. So this is a seventh generation tablet the 10.1 inch touchscreen version it has a full 1080p HD video playback, so its the largest screen in the seventh generation as well as the most powerful version with 2 gigabytes of RAM and the CPU is a quad core that runs up to 1.8 gigabytes and in terms of the power you can kind of get a sense of it with how snappy the screen rotation is and then also launching an Application such as the web browser it does so very quickly i had already pre-loaded it but just to show you what it looks like to load an application from the starting point. It takes maybe about 2 second or so this is going to be more than enough power for your typical user in future generationsd

Amazon Fire HD 10 Review andĀ  Technology Specifications

Though i’d like to see an Amazon Fire tablet that has a little bit more power at a higher price but Amazon. They really like having budget-friendly tablet options and to get to the at price point you have to make some sacrifices here in there and i think that they do a good job of cutting out things that aren’t necessarily needed in terms of getting it to a very affordable price now this retails at 149 99 that’s with special offers and the 32 gigabytes. Of build-it storage i’m going to show you what it looks like when it comes with special offers that just means that on your lockscreen.

You’re gonna have advertisement if you want to spend 15 extra bucks then you won’t have ads on your lockscreen and this is the 32 gigabytes of internal storage. They also make a 64 gigabytes space there’s an expandable memory card slot for micro cards up to 256 gigabytes. If you need more storage space, you can just put in an expandable microSD card.

Now moving on talking about some more specifications here the battery life is for up to ten hours of normal use and I’ve been impressed with the battery life. Using some very power intensive apps and still at the end of the day of using it for I’d say at least three four or five hours somewhere in that range I was still at 50% and again this was with power intensive applications like playing PUGB mobile and doing screen recording which is vry power intensive. Now to connect to the internet you’re going to be able to connect through Wi-fi however this tablet does not have the ability to connect through 4G again this is one of those corners that they cut to get the price down to this reasonable budget-friendly option and most people they’re going to be just fine with having wi-fi connectivity and not necessarily needing a 4G option. This is the 32 gigabytes of internal storage. They also make a 64 gigabytes internal storage version I don’t think it’s worth the extra money because if you ever run out of space there’s an expandable memory card slot for micro SD cards up to 256 gigabytes.

Alright moving on this tablet a nice little added feature is it has Alexa hands-free built right into it. So if you have an Amazon Alexa echo dot for instance basically the functionality of that Alexa device is build right into this tablet, I currently have it turned off. But you can just quickly toggle it on and it’s ready to go listening for you to say its name and I don’t want to say its name right now because that’II probably mess up the video. But I keep it off because I rally don’t use it all that often and I have otherĀ  smart devices around my house to use and if you have it off you’II save a little extra battery.New Kindle Fire HD 10

So moving on from that I want to talk about getting the most out of this tablet. So it comes obviously with the Amazon Appstore doesn’t have nearly the options of applications in comparison to the Android Google Play Store, How you can get the Google Play Store on your Fire Tablet. It’s a simple process and it’s game changer to have the Android Google Play Store it allows you to have access to thousands of additional applications. That you can’t get in the Amazon App Store big ones being things like the Chrome, web browser, the Gmail application the Youtube, application as well as PUBG mobile and again the list goes on ans so if you want to get most out of your tablet. I highly recommend getting the Google Playstore.

Now I also want to talk about reading on this tablet now if you’re gonna your tablet primarily for reading, I’d probably recommend getting a smaller screen size because with the 10 inch tablet. You’re probably gonna need two hands to be able to rear and it’s pretty heavy and a lot of people like off getting a smaller screen size if your primary usage is going to be reading books. Every other use case. Through I think is better on the larger screen and then also obviously the 10 inch model is more powerful.

You can compile it all into the more premium tier maybe in the 250 to $300 range and that’s a tablet that has three gigabytes or four gigabytes of RAM as an option for about 50 to $100 more also having a tablet with the ability to connect to 4G world. Nice higher quality cameras again in a more premium version would be great and then maybe a smaller bezel size in a premium version would also be great but these isn’t these other options available on this tablet. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly tablet it’s going to be hard finding something that’s better than this especially if you get it with that Android Google Play Store.

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