New Kindle Fire HD 7 Tablet Review

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New Kindle Fire HD 7 tablet review So this is the new 2017 Amazon fire 7 Tablet and it`s 50 quid or $50. Most tablets under a hundred ponds are a bit iffy but considering this is $49.99 and quite often even cheaper on Black Friday or prime day on amazon this is ridiculously good value for money.New Kindle Fire 7

What`s the New Amazon Fire 7

First of all what’s new on this 2017 version of the fire 7 well honestly not a whole lot it looks the same feels the same its got basically the same 7 inch screen in terms of size and resolution it does not have an IPS panel. So you do get slightly better contrast ratios and better viewing angles compared to the older versions of the fire 7 tablet. but the biggest addition on this new model is support for Alexa Amazon`s friendly digital assistant which you might know from the amazon echo speakers.

Alexa to play music or turn on your smart home tech asking what the weather is the news update what in your calendar the usual sort of digital assistant. least if you already own one of the older fire 7 tablets and chances are if you’ve got an Amazon echo or any of the fancy smart home tech that you might want to use to sort of turn it on remotely with your voice probably only have a tablet and probably even a better.

This is the new 2017 Amazon Fire 7 tablet and its 50 qiud or $50. Most tablet under a hundred pounds are a bit iffy but considering this is $49.99 and quite often even cheaper on Black Friday or prime day on Amazon this is ridiculously good value for money one than this now side by side with older fire 7 tablet it is hard to tell the difference its still quite chunky and thick bezel makes it look like a 2015

Amazon Fire 7 Features

Tablet but what it lacks in premium design. I think it makes up for in ruggedness and durability I`II be much more comfortable giving this to a kid to play with and then expensive and fragile iPad my only real issue a 7-inch screen which looks fine is just the 1024 by 600 resolution.New Kindle Fire HD 7

But because its an IPS panel it does still look reasonably nice. For example on here you get the Amazon Silk web browser and Amazon App store rather than say Google Chrome or the Google Play StoreĀ  the good news is that is does support most of the big entertainment and media apps so you get Amazon tablet. They`re pushing their own services pretty strongly, so you don’t need a prime membership but to get the most.

Fire tablet you could do with having one and that does add to the price of fair bit if you are a little more technically minded. You can always route the tablet and its still stock android which does then give you access to the proper app store and then slightly less cluttered interface elsewhere. You get a 2 megapixel camera on the back and a front-facing VGA camera so you get 2 cameras, but as you would expect they are pretty awful but at least you get something you also get a mono speaker on this which doesn’t sound great serviceable and actually the big fi HD 8 and the HD 10. Tablets offered stereo speakers so they do offer a little bit better sound experience but obviously use the headphone and you good to go in terms of battery life Amazon say you get an extra hour on the new Kindle versus the Old version found that an hour of netflix on this used about 13 % of my battery with brannis set to 15 % so you could definitely watch three to four movies on a single charge with this handy for a long flight movie. So this is the 49 at 49 version comes with eight gigs of storage but for a 10 and more you can get it with 16 gigs I probably stick with the eggy buy model.

Because its also supports micro SD cards so you can just expand your memory up to 256 GB. You also got the option to but the fire 7 without special offers which is basically Amazon polite way of saying without ads the Fire 7 also comes in four different colors I’ve been really gone for the black on but its also nice to have some other options including red, yellow and blue for 50 quid 50 bucks this is a great buy and its ridiculous a good value for money as long as you know going super high expectations this is not an iPad. But those are often five six times the price of this I think the five seven will pleasantly surprise for you.

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