How to fix Kindle Fire Touch Screen Not Responding

Amazon Kindle Fire touch screen not responding whatsoever even if I try to touch anything nothing is touching. So how do we resolve this problem yeah the battery is full so we can’t do anything so what we need to do is to open this king of fire as you can see, I have a PK that I’m going to use to open the back and it is very simple by finding your way in by the middle and gently take apart the King of fire yeah.

Method fix Amazon Kindle Fire Touchscreen not responding

Just think about the battery yeah okay guys. So what we’re going to do with this King of Fire is that we are going to preheat the digitizer yeah we are going to preheat the details are not too hot though we’re just gonna preheat the digitizer.How to fix Amazon Kindle Fire Touch screen not respondingWhen you finish you want to touch the screen and to see if the screen digitized the temperature is a bit warm yeah so we have finished there okay. We just preheated the digitizer so we are leaving it to cool down a bit and after it cools down we are going to plug back in the battery ribbon err. Hopefully when you turn on your tablet the screen should be walking again the reason for me preheating the digitizer is that sometimes the screen digitizer it gets cold and there are times when the circuitry of the digitizer which there is a part here can slow down in terms of the data going to the touchpad of the digitizer. So when we preheat the digitizer we cause the energy to flow through the digitizer yes so hopefully we are going to get this Kingo fire up back and running perfectly it is the Amazon Kindle Fire. In the meantime what you can do push this informative vital information out there on computers tablet phones and other devices yet we are still waiting for this to cool down yeah. We are going to do a test now so I just plug back in the battery yeah the battery is at 70 something percent and as you can see here this should be the power button here we’re going to turn on Amazon yeah.How to fix Amazon Kindle Fire Touch screen not respondingSo this is arguing about fixing your Amazon Kindle Fire digitize the touchscreen yeah there are times when the digitizer just stopped responding so we’re going to about fixing it yeah. So yeah as you can see everything is working here on the Kindle Fire now and this is how you fix your Kindle Fire if you have unresponsive digitizer, this is how you can go about replacing or fixing your Kindle Fire.

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