How to Get the Nook App for Kindle Fire Tablet

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How to get the nook app for kindle fire tablet simply got a new Amazon Kindle Fire however the book you would like is just accessible in Barnes & Noble’s Nook store. Not a problem. It is possible to use of both libraries by using Barnes & Noble’s Nook app in your Amazon Kindle Fire.Nook App for Kindle FireBut wait, how could this be possible, you may well ask? Simple: The Hearth utilizes a heavily skinned sort of Google’s Android main system. Consequently, you may install nearly any Android app around the fire that you would like. Now how are you able to obtain the Nook app on to your Fire? Just follow these simple steps.Nook App for Kindle FireTo find the app, you will need to side-load it on the Fire. You need to download ES File Explorer from your Android Market, plus the APK files for that Nook app and set them up in your Fire. For detailed instructions on the way to side-load apps on the Fire take a look at our how-to guide.Nook App for Kindle FireOnce you have installed the APK files on to your Fire, launch the installer for that Nook app.
After the app is installed, you may immediately register and commence downloading books in the Nook store.Nook App for Kindle FireHaving both apps about the same device might seem somewhat redundant, but actually, the Kindle and Nook stores have different libraries. If you cannot find a magazine inside the Kindle store, you’ll also have the option for searching the Nook store.Nook App for Kindle FireIn addition to that, both stores have different pricing models for sure books, that could help save some coin in the long term.

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