How to Organize Kindle Books in Files – Kindle Tips

Today I’m gonna show you how to Organize Kindle books in files first. I’m gonna start off by turning my Kindle on and swiping to unlock next I’m gonna go to my books.

Let’s say I have a bunching of books on the cloud nothing too excites there so let’s go to my device. Now I have a bunch of different books listed the Oxford Dictionary astronomy textbook.Organize Kindle Books in Files So let’s organize this differently we can organize it by author so at lists in alphabetical order we can organize it by recently bought or read or just by title.Organize Kindle Books in Files Another way that we can change the way these looks are hitting this button downs here once I hit it gives me help or the list views. I prefer the list view rather than a bookshelf, so I were hitting listed view and my books are listed and I can scroll upped and down and still access them perfect and I just showed you how you can organize your books on your Kindle, thanks.

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