How to Quick Settings Menu Kindle Fire Missing

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How to quick settings menu kindle fire missing: Open quick actions in your fire tablet to quickly adjust screen brightness, connect with a wireless network, and access additional settings . Tap the settings icon to help manage your battery usage, apps, parental controls, even more.  With this fast-paced day and age, quick may be the name in the game for many, so Amazon has provided you with quick settings to streamline your Kindle Fire settings experience.

You access both this short listing of commonly used settings as well as the more detailed settings for Kindle Fire by tapping the quick settings button from the Status bar. (This button seems like the spokes of an wheel which is located toward the top-right corner in the screen).

Fix quick settings menu kindle fire missing

Listed here are the settings which you can control in the quick settings menu:

Quick Settings Menu Kindle Fire Missing


  • Unlocked/Lock: This locks or unlocks the screen rotation on the Kindle Fire. You may lock the screen and keep it from rotating once you tilt these devices. As an example, when you are laying down and don’t want the screen to rotate.
  • Volume: Tap Volume to produce a slider bar that can be used to improve or reduce the volume.
  • Brightness: You may tap and display Automatic Brightness On/Off buttons to turn on or off a feature that controls the brightness in the screen depending on ambient light. Also you can make use of the slider beneath this setting to change the brightness manually.
  • Wi-Fi: Tap to display an On/Off button which you can use to turn Wi-Fi on or off. Once you turn Wi-Fi on, a listing of available networks appears. Tap an available network to join it. Notice that you will be asked to enter your password gain access to some networks.
  • Sync: In most cases, if you’re within choice of a Wi-Fi network, once you begin to download content, it downloads very quickly. However, if you’ve been out from choice of a network, you may want to make use setting when you’re way back in selection of a network to manually initiate the download of latest content or continue downloads that will happen to be interrupted.

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