How to Recover Bricked kindle Fire HD Tutorial

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How to Recover Bricked Kindle Fire HD Tutorial Which means you were messing around together with your Amazon Kindle Fire and things appeared to be going okay then oops the Kindle doesn’t boot up anymore. Fire maybe what we call a bricked Amazon Kindle Fire techy language. As you know it’s only good being a paper weight now. But don’t panic at this time because it’s less than bad. Actually it will likely be just great and you may likely have that Amazon Kindle Fire appearing like new very fast. All it will take might be a little bit of patient as well as some time. So lets observe how to consider that brick and then make it a tablet again.Recover Bricked kindle Fire HD

Okay, and so the first real question is if your tablet could be recovered. Should you Amazon Kindle Fire switches on but doesn’t boot to the software and instead you receive a red triangle you are okay. When the tablet doesn’t switch on in any way then you can be at a complete loss and truly bricked forever. But lets just state that the Kindle does switch on in any way then the Kindle does switch on. To recuperate you’II really need to get into fastboot mode that  will enable you to install the stock software. The one to get this done is by using an exclusive cable called fastboot cable. This can be not the same as but looks similar as our normal USB. You can find the cable from Amazon (Kindle fastboot cable). Again here is the best way to recuperate your Kindle. After you have fastboot then right here is the protocol to recuperate.Recover Bricked kindle Fire HD

  1. Switch off your Amazon Kindle Fire then plug-in the fastboot cable and fasten to PC. The Kindle will switch on and get into a screen that displays fastboot.
  2. Download the KFDH Restore Tool (for KF HD 8.9 download KFDH 8.9 restore Tool) and extract to some folder on your hard disk. Because folder double-click the SR Tool file.
  3. Choose option 1. Be very patient up until the file transfer is complete because there is no progress bar.
  4. When image transfer is finished it is possible to reboot and you really are recovered.

The Kindle can boot right into a rooted Amazon Kindle Fire HD running firmware version 7.3.0 which is upgraded automatically in case you are connected with Wifi. It’s also possible to manually update by downloading the most recent 7.4.6 and copying or the root folder of the Kindle. Go to setting under Device > About and tab the improve your Kindle button. That’s it, now you must a completely stock and new looking Amazon Kindle Fire H. That wasn’t to bad you have any queries please leave a remark below.

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