How to Share Books on the Kindle Fire HD Tablet

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How to Share Books on the Kindle Fire: Some Kindle Books may be loaned out for a period from 14 days. The individual you lend it all out to does not have to possess a Kindle, he/she will use one of the free Kindle reading apps for iPad, Mac, PC, iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices.

Publishers or rights holder see whether titles meet the criteria for sharing. You can view if the book is allowed sharing for the ‘Products Details’ page.

To watch books you already own check out ‘Manage Your Kindle’ and click on the ‘+’ icon beside the book. If sharing is allowed, you’ll see ‘Loan this book’ from your set of options.

share books on the Kindle

How to share books for the Kindle Fire Tablet:

  1. Visit ‘Manage Your Kindle Fire’.
  2. Get the book you wish to share from your list. Select the little upside-down triangle to determine if your book may be shared.
  3. Check out ‘Loan this book’. kindle loan this title link
  4. You may now complete the borrower’s name and private email address. Hit ‘Send now’ complete this process. kindle share book details

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