Showbox Not Responding Kindle Fire HD7/HD8/HD10

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Showbox not Responding Kindlre Fire We have received many requests from Fire HD users that Kindle Fire ShowBox is not responding and fix ShowBox not working on Kindle Fire HD, considering their request, I planned to share with you this tutorial for you to assist you in resolving your problems with ShowBox on Kindle Fire HD and HDX tablets.

Kindle Fire ShowBox is not Responding

Kindle Fire ShowBox is Not Responding

When you have already installed ShowBox and then when not playing movies or when it isn’t responding in your Kindle Fire HD tablet, then all you want do will be to uninstall the app and you will reinstall it. We have an Ad Free version of a app available, download ShowBox Ad Free App for Fire HD tablet from here.

Can’t Install ShowBox on Kindle Fire HD

We have a buzz among Fire HD users that Amazon is breaking Fire OS’s chance to sideload Android apps to Kindle Fire HD tablets. After you try and sideload Apk files, Install button can be greyed out so that you can not proceed with installation. But, you must thank these below workarounds that can enable us to still install Android apps on Kindle Fire HD tablets. Users are seeing this problem once the upgrade of fireside OS to make number 5.6.0, that will come primarily with Kindle Fire HD 10 tablet.

ShowBox on Kindle Fire not Working

Especially users wish to install ShowBox App on Fire HD and HDX tablets, in which sideloading from the apps is compulsory. ShowBox does have millions of active users, its not all could be facing the problem but definitely a large amount of users will certainly encountered this issue. Many people reports that ShowBox is just not playing movies on Kindle Fire and with many others ShowBox is just not responding on Kindle Fire. Upgrading your Fire OS can be one big reasons why your ShowBox is just not Working on Kindle Fire. This I will Show you one easy trick to repair this issue.

Showbox Install Grayed Out

Once you try and install ShowBox on Kindle Fire, if you notice that Install button is grayed out then there’s an easy trick to fix this. In truth there are 2, let’s see each of them here, try both at this point certain that any one of them will really lit up Install button.

Trick 1:

  • When the thing is that ShowBox Install button is grayed out, press center home button to attenuate all of the apps.
  • Now tap on square button that will let us choose amongst the open apps/windows, tap for the Installation screen windows.
  • Now you can see that the Install button is lighted and you will click it.

ShowBox Install button will grey out only when you need to install ShowBox from browser, when you use ES Explorer or downloader app or other Fire Manager app to install ShowBox, you won’t see Install button greyed out

Trick 2:

That is just another trick to fix the same issue:

  • If the Install button is greyed out while installing ShowBox App on Kindle Fire HD tablet, just press the Power button once to allow your device get to sleep mode.
  • Wait for couple of seconds and press Power button again and enter your passcode to unlock your Fire HD tablet.
  • Now you can see that Install button is activated, and you’ll proceed further to install ShowBox app.

This process works well with more number of people, and when you wish to try it out, there is an additional method that will help you install ShowBox also to enable Install button.

Trick 3:

This method is some what tricky, make sure that you have internet connection.

  • Try to set up ShowBox app and when the thing is Install button grayed out, just let it sit and press center home button.
  • Just long press on many of the installed Amazon store apps before you see uninstall option and uninstall that app.
  • Now tap for the square button just next to the center home button to view this list of running apps and tap on Installation window.
  • You can now note that Install button is enabled and also activated.

You might face many such problems with ShowBox whilst the installation or when using the app, but because ShowBox isn’t an native app there’s no much scope for troubleshooting, the app could go to non-responsive state can be because the upgrade of base OS & because ShowBox is just not tested for Fire OS, it is really not guaranteed that ShowBox will certainly work with Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet. So, just try uninstalling the app and reinstall it, this may fix several of your problems with Kindle Fire ShowBox is not Responding.

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